Comprehensive Adult Speech-Langu‚Äčage Evaluation CASE

Therapist Resources

Clinician Data Collection & Office Resources 

The note taking template is to help remind cognitively impaired individuals of important information.  It works for telephone messages and general information. 

The fee schedule is an easy to read, and easy to fill in with your individual rates.  I also included payment agreement contract in this download.

The 'Today Is ___' template is a very basic sequencing of daily activities.  It is set so that you can fill out two days at a time on the hour. You can have family fill this out so you can review in therapy, or work on together.  You can even make up a schedule and practice sequencing and recall.   


The second version of the note taking template provides increased cues for patients who may benefit from additional written prompts. 

The visual hourly schedule provides a blank clock and a box to write the 'digital' time.  It also has a line to write what will be happening at that time. Great for Dementia, Stroke, and Autism.


The SOAP note template works for a wide variety of clients.  A lot of areas can be pre-populated, resulting in a quick assessment of the session.  Room is left of course for additional notes.

The Small Talk cards provide scripted comments for positive and negative comments and has two differentiation levels; one giving instruction (i.e. 'ask' 'comment') and one without

The 'When To Refer' document is great to give to teachers, doctors ,or parents who might be concerned about speech. It is a very general overview of some red flags.