Comprehensive Adult Speech-Langu​age Evaluation CASE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this test standardized?

A1. No.  While this is a future goal of this test, it is not currently standardized.  

Q2. What are the scoring procedures?

A2. The app scores the test as you go along, so there are no specific procedures that the therapist is responsible for at the conclusion of the test. The answer is either correct or incorrect.  For questions requiring recall of a list or multiple answers, a criterion is provided and is included on the same page with the directions and the question.  The criterion is different depending on the question.

Q3. What types of responses are required by the client?

A3. This depends on the test you decide to give.  Some responses are verbal, some are pointing at a picture, some are eye gaze.

Q4. What client functions are assessed, and how are they assessed?

A4. There are 10 tests: Memory, receptive, expressive, mixed (receptive and expressive), pragmatics, executive function, non-verbal, reading, writing, and motor speech. There are many different types of questions depending on the type of test and the difficulty of that question. Additionally, there is a Bedside Dysphagia Evaluation that can be chosen prior to the testing.

​Q5. Is there a procedural manual for examination?

A5. The directions are on the page with the question so the examiner does not need to reference anything externally. Also, most pages now have the answers as well, unless it is a question that requires the patient to look at the screen.

​Q6. Is there any research to back this test?

A6. Research references are provided here.

Q7. I downloaded new evaluations, but I can't find them

A7. They should appear in settings. Next to 'Add Additional Evals' you will see the remaining number of evaluations.

Q8: Can I edit the final report?

A8: Yes! The app will email you a .pdf and a .txt file. Using the .txt file, you can edit the verbiage.

Another option

The document is also emailed as a pdf. PDF's can easily be converted to a word file using Adobe software. Once it's converted, you will be able to edit. You cannot edit within the app- at least not yet! Link provided below!

Another option is to copy and paste the report. After it sends, you will receive a PDF and a .txt file. Open the .txt file and you can copy and paste to a word document and edit or add information from there!

Q9. I forgot the four digits required to unlock the app but I answered my security question! I'm locked out of the app! Help!

A9: By default when you register, the first letter is capitalized. However, when you tap ‘Forgot?’ to answer the security question, by default, the first letter is lower case.  So it is case-sensitive.  Try the security question with the first letter being capitalized.

Q10. I am getting a new iPad and want to transfer all my data over.  Will my evals carry over if I re-download from the cloud?

A10. unfortunately no.  CASE does not use a server and the information is stored on your iPad.  We suggest always immediately emailing copies and sending them to Dropbox as soon as an eval is complete.  If you think you will be switching iPads, you can always re-send the files just in case so you have them.

Q11. I have questions that are not answered here!

A11. Email us at and we will respond promptly! 

Q12. Can I use this app with teletherapy?

A12. Yes! Using the software you can screen share with your mac or PC computer. From there, you can use google hangouts, zoom, or any screen sharing website. Your patient will be able to see and hear the app but not touch. The writing portion you will not be able to complete.