"The levels and modalities that are assessed is more in depth than most standardized measures!"

"This is a pretty breakthrough app for the medical field!"​

"It was so easy to use and my patient enjoyed using the tablet as well!"

Watching the video above will hopefully answer many questions you have.  We also have answers to more frequent questions.  Feel free to contact us directly for additional help and questions. 

About the Test

CASE is one of the most cost effective speech therapy evaluation tools available.  Buying in bulk saves you! 100 evaluations cost $1.69. Competitors cost upwards of $3.04 per protocol! That is 45% cheaper than standardized paper-based evaluations!

We use photos of real people and objects that are clear and easy to see

The Reviews are in!

Comprehensive Adult Speech-Langu​age Evaluation CASE

We based each subtest on research.  We provided samples as well as a listing of research articles in the 'Research' tab

Goal writing is a snap!  The data makes the patient's strengths and weaknesses clear and lets you know how much assistance was needed to achieve the correct answer

You can view results of past evaluations within the app or you can email, print, or send report to dropbox. Reports emailed will be sent in two files.  The .txt file you are able to copy and paste. 


Add a therapist in settings or add new speech therapy evaluations

The layout is easy to use and navigate  

Automatically create an easy to read and organized speech therapy evaluation report

Record and save language samples that can be emailed and analyzed later

Create a customized evaluation that can include patient history, bedside dysphagia eval, as well as up to 10 subtests with over 200 questions!  Subtests are further broken down so you can see ahead of time which areas you want to focus on. You can go back mid-evaluation to add or take away sections.